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Audi Repair and Maintenance

The Audi company hired Leena Gade as the very first female driver in the Le Mahns race. She  helped the company win one of several trophies in this grueling 24-hour sprint to the finish.

Your Audi may also go through the challenge of racing around; from home, to work, on errands, and on long road trips. All of our Elite Auto mechanics know just how tough that can be on your vehicle. Fortunately we have the skills and technology to help your car win at the race of life

That attention to detail on the engine has made this German vehicle great for the autobahn, and fantastic for your own commute.

Our mechanics at Elite Auto know how to maintain and repair your BMW and can get you cruising along, at any speed with BMW repair in Draper, Utah.

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
    Your vehicle works tirelessly. At 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles, our expert mechanics will perform factory scheduled maintenance to keep it running smooth!
  • Brakes
    Even during the Le Mahns race, vehicles need brakes to turn corners, and avoid collision. Make sure your brakes are safe, and ready to tackle the challenges ahead, with brake inspections from Elite Auto Specialists.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
    Every time you ignite the spark plugs in your car, computer systems in your engine check for needed repairs. If they sense a problem, the check engine light will let you know. Don’t leave it on. Make an appointment today!
  • Engine Services
    From start to finish, your spark plugs ignite, your gears rumble, and the engine roars. Keep your drive alive with Audi repair at Elite Automotive Specialists.
  • Filter Replacements
    For every mile you drive, your car’s filter collects smog and other filth in the air, so that your engine doesn’t have to. Keep your engine running smoothly for mile after mile with a brand new filter from Elite Auto.
  • Fluid Services
    Your Audi has thousands of moving parts to drive you where you need to go. Those moving parts need several gallons of different fluids to keep them lubricated. Keep them topped off with Fluid Services from Elite Automotive Repair.
  • Oil Changes
    The oil in your car helps the engine fire up pistons, which keep your car alive. There’s a right way and a wrong way to change the oil, and at Elite Auto, we hire skilled technicians, and state of the art synthetic lubricants to keep your car running like new.
  • Timing Chain Services
    Your timing chain helps to synchronize the gears inside your engine. It spins every time you ignite the flames inside your vehicle, and keeps moving for as long as you do. Make sure it continues to work hard and long with service from Elite Auto.
  • Transmission
    A transmission uses gears to determine how much power goes into your vehicle’s wheels. It’s a complex mechanism with hundreds of moving parts. The team at Elite Auto is expert at repairing and replacing the transmission in your Audi so you can drive the long road ahead.
  • Trip Inspections
    Some road trips last only a few minutes, while others last all day. Wherever your trip may take you, our expert team uses skill and technology to make your ride is as smooth as possible. Before you go, be sure you have an inspection from Elite Auto.
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
    When driving, you may encounter rain, hail or some filthy dust. Make sure you can see the road with proper windshield wiper blades. Come in for a quick check.

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