Japanese Imports Repair and Maintenance

Japan is well known for making the latest strides in technology, this includes making  great automobiles.

At at Elite Automotive Specialists, we love working with Japanese Import cars, such as Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Suzuki.  We specialize on vehicle repair and maintenance. Conveniently located off the I-15 freeway in Draper, Utah, we offer convenience, experience and value compared to the dealer. Come by today and check out our state of the art facility! 

  • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
    Your high tech Japanese Import is going to need maintenance every 30,000 miles. Fortunately, we are highly skilled and know your Japanese made vehicle. Our factory scheduled maintenance will look through your entire ride to make sure its running properly.
  • Brakes
    Stopping can be just as important as starting. Its a part of what makes your vehicle safe. At Elite Auto, our trained mechanics know the ins and outs of your breaks to ensure that stopping is just as great as starting.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostic
    Special computers in your Japanese import vehicle are constantly checking the engine, for problems or malfunctions. When that check engine light is on, it may be because of a serious problem in the engine, or a simple fix of the light. Our team has the equipment to go in, diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Filter Replacements
    In your cars engine filter, tiny ridges and holes pick up dirt and smog to keep your engine clean. Its part of what makes your Japanese Iimport running at its  best. Let us replace your filter at your next repair or scheduled maintenance.
  • Fluid Services
    Elite Auto will not only help to change the motor oil, but has fluids for your transmission, including brake fluid, synthetic oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, and more. When changed on a regular basis, these fluids will keep your vehicle running smooth.
  • Maintenance Inspections
    The professionals at Elite Auto know the technology and mechanics inside your Japanese import and can inspect it for problems that you may have, and prevent future dilemmas down the road.
  • Tune Ups
    Your Japanese import uses many mechanical and technological advancements to keep your car running smoothly. At Elite Auto, we perform tune ups that check your vehicle from the hood of the car, to the trunk and everywhere in between.
  • Windshield Wiper Blades
    Your Japanese import is high tech and many challenges can arise. The seemingly simple technology of windshield wiper blades can produce terrible problems if they are not properly maintained. At Elite Auto, we dont forget any detail, even making sure that your wiper blades get checked and replaced as needed.