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Elite Auto Services

Your car is an indispensable part of modern day life. It’s a means of moving you from place to place, and takes you to events that are a major part of your life. Having a car that doesn’t work means inconvenience, headache and hassle. Elite Auto Specialists provides auto services that keep your car running smooth.

We’re conveniently located in the heart of Draper, Utah, just minutes off the freeway. We offer after hours drop off, and shuttle services so that you can continue your busy life while your car is in the shop. We’re trustworthy. Our business is based on price transparency, efficiency and honesty. We’re experts in what we do having over 15 years of experience providing auto services on imported vehicles. Call us at 801-571-EURO (3876) for a free inspection today.

BMW Repair and Maintenance by Elite Automotive Specialists




Mercedes Repair and Maintenance, Elite Automotive Repair, Draper Utah


Audi repair and maintenance, Elite Automotive Repair, Draper Utah




Preventative Auto Services & Maintenance

An automotive specialist is someone who deals day in and day out with exotic cars. They understand what needs to be maintained on them and have a specific understanding and knowledge that takes years to learn. It also takes the right equipment and software to be able to work with specific manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. At Elite Auto Specialists, we have that knowledge and equipment to work on your European or Japanese vehicle. We’re meticulous and attentive when working on your vehicle.


Sometimes automotive repairs can very simple and sometimes they are complicated. When your European or Japanese vehicle is in need of auto services and repairs, we are the best place to come. We only use parts that are Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM). They last a long time and will perform the way the manufacture intended them to.  To build your trust, we will also only quote you a price for your vehicle before doing any work and will only begin working on your car with your permission.

Shuttle Service

When your car is in the shop, you can take advantage of our free shuttle service. We will happily drop you off, or pick you up, so you can resume your daily activities while your car is in the shop for repairs or maintenance.

After Hours Drop Off

Why wait for our business to open to leave your car for repairs? Just drop off your vehicle and place your keys in a secure lock box any time, day or night, and we will immediately look at your car the moment our business opens up again.

Dealer Diagnostics

Sometimes the check engine light on your dashboard means serious repairs are needed, sometimes it’s just a simple fix that can be done quickly. At Elite Auto we have the know how and technology to tell the difference.